How We Do It

Initial Assessment Before We Begin


Before starting know that one-on-one life coaching requires commitment from both parties as it takes place over an extended period of time, usually weeks and even months depending on client needs. 

We begin with an initial interview where you and the I will review the desired outcome and then come up with a schedule that seems feasible for both of us.

Let's Be Honest What Is Expected Of You


Let me be frank here and tell you that’s it’s hard work in term of your commitment, dedication, soul-searching work and at times make you feel uncomfortable because of the odd questions or the things you have to do to achieve your goals. 

But again everything will be explained and agreed as what is expected of you when you sign up for coaching session to achieve your objectives.

Identify & Attain Your Life Goals


I can help you identify and attain your goals. My initial priority is to provide a breakthrough that eventually lead the client’s to challenge their way of doing things as well as thinking, culminating in significant changes in their careers, social life, relationships and life in general. 

My coaching sessions are personalised to every client’s unique situation and needs.