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Neuro Linguistic Programming

I'd always believed that suffering could be relieved in a heartbeat with the right techniques and tools. Over 25 years I gathered many conventional and healing modalities to that end. And then I found NLP and witnessed first hand, how trauma's, phobias, fears and the most challenging of experiences (including sexual abuse, death of children, loss of homelands,) could be permanently transformed inside an hour! I'd been used to therapeutic interventions - including "brief therapy modalities" of up to 15 sessions - that took years sometimes achieving not as much as 45 minutes of NLP. NLP is extraordinary! (Nadine Love, Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner NLP, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Advanced Matrix and Timeline Therapies.)

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro is the nervous system (the mind) through which our experience is processed via 5 senses (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory).

Linguistic is language and other non-verbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded ordered and given meaning. NLP is the communication system that makes you an expert in both verbal and non-verbal language. NLP is an incredibly powerful system that facilitates the freeing and unblocking of the structures of human communication and human excellence. By doing so, this enables people to communicate, think and manage themselves and others more effectively.

Programming is the ability to discover and utilise the programs that we run (our communications to ourselves and others) in our neurological systems to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP the interplay of our thoughts (neuro) and how we think, how we communicate (linguistic) and our emotional and behavioural patterns (programming).

Through studying this interplay people can change the way they think and behave, adopting new and far more preferable, resourceful models and strategies of excellence.

NLP facilitates access to hidden emotional and mental resources through the symbolic language of the unconscious mind.

NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP Can Help You To:

  • Be more successful by learning how to master and influence your emotional and psychological states.
  • Create the Future: Have life you dream of by freeing you of patterns, emotions and beliefs that do not serve you, replacing those unresourceful states and strategies with strategies and beliefs that work for you. NLP has revolutionised visioning and goal setting to ensure that you construct your compelling future exactly as you want it to be.
  • Heal the Past. NLP clears self sabotage, overwhelm, procrastination, phobias and fears. It is the Ultimate tool for developing emotional intelligence. NLP brings resolution to anger, sadness, grief, anxiety, shame and guilt.
  • Establish self confidence, self worth and self esteem.
  • Transform the way you are on a day-to-day, freeing you to be who you aspire to be
  • Replaces challenging "negative" behaviours and habits with "positive" ones. NLP offers fast and effective solutions to free you from phobias and behaviours including ( and not limited to) smoking, nail biting, weight control, coffee or chocolate addictions, stage freight, fear of public speaking, fear of cold calling and a raft of other frustrations.
  • Improve communication in personal and professional relationships.
  • Better understand your own motivations, behaviours and needs so that you can choose how to be for the your greatest success, happiness, health and fulfilment.
  • Increase awareness of the effect you have on others and how to get the results you want by managing your language and behaviour.
  • Better understand your prospects, staff, customers needs, behaviours and motivations.

Therefore greatly enhances your ability to train, learn, manage, negotiate, achieve - making NLP a vital resource in business, sales, marketing, education, therapy and personal development.

NLP is a powerful change management tool that revolutionises and transforms the way that people think and act to have the greatest impact personally and professionally. That's how come NLP is one of the most powerful and effective disciplines used in business, management, psychology, leadership, team building, marketing, sales, sports coaching, personal and relationship therapy, and personal development.

It is an exceptional tool for teachers and trainers - giving practical methods for developing group rapport and communicating with different learning and comprehension styles.

NLP has processes for overcoming spelling issues, dyslexia, poor memory and other learning difficulties.


Clare Edward, Change Works, Sunshine Coast

Clare-EdwardsThis is the most profound NLP action work I have ever done. Nadine has taken what she has already mastered in NLP, turned it on its head, twisted it, moulded it, refined it and created her unique value added magic that is getting phenomenal results. Also, her generosity of spirit, time, energy and love need to be experienced to be believed. I am being neither sycophantic nor BS'ing - this is one meeting you do NOT want to miss if you are an NLP practitioner or Master prac."


Johannes Coetzee


Christine Lee, Sydney

I want to thank you for the six wonderful sessions I had with you. Nadine you have been an inspirational and motivational coach on so many levels. You helped me recognise patterns that I hung on to for years. Beliefs that held me back from living my life and living my purpose.

Your ability to listen and empathise created a safe and non judgemental environment. I was able to share every thought, every fear with you and trust that I wasn’t judged. You challenged my limiting beliefs and inspired me to see the magnificence within me.

The Time Line Therapy, NLP and Matrix we worked through together in the first sessions freed my soul. It was an amazing journey .Childhood experiences that haunted me for years no longer haunt me. I feel like a child once again, ready to take on whatever comes my way. There is no fear and the positive beliefs I have about myself are beyond expression. I can honestly say “There is nothing I can’t do” You truly are gifted in the area of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Matrix.

It is almost like I have found a part of me that was in a closet, hiding. I have been living only a part of my life. What a wonderful discovery! I have discovered a new me! Throughout every session, you listened, you inspired, you challenged me, and you shared insights that were of great value.

I want to wish you all the best with your career and your beautiful family. You deserve the best that life has to offer. You are truly are beautiful person with a warm caring nature.


Lauren Di Bartoli, Instyle Coaching, Melbourne

Hello, my name is Lauren from Instyle Coaching. I had the privilege, just this week of being coached by Nadine and getting timeline therapy with her. This really, really cool NLP technique has truly changed my outlook and my actions in everything that I'm doing - and it's just a few days ago.

So before I had this amazing experience with her I noticed that fear was something that kept coming up. I have pretty big goals that I want to achieve very quickly and I felt that I was being held back by the fears that we all have. A particular fear that I couldn't quite describe.

And after having Timeline done with Nadine I can truly say that my experience was phenomenal and I have a completely different outlook and a different mindset and I know that our actions are created by our thought and our thoughts are pretty powerful things, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you , Nadine for your generosity and the time and the care that you spent with me to get a phenomenal result.

If anyone else is thinking of getting Timeline done or really just having a conversation with Nadine to see what's possible for you then I one hundred percent recommend that you have that conversation and see truly how she can change your life like she has done for me this week. It's amazing. So thank you Nadine, so much.


Zara Lasiter, Melbourne Today I was honoured to do a parts integration with Nadine to integrate resourcefulness and discipline. Through Nadine's guidance we did a visualisation which I can only describe as 'holy work'. Awesome stuff! Nadine brings to her role as coach groundedness and empathy, a gift for beautiful words and golden silences, a deep compassion and wise intellect, and a willingess to be of deepest service amidst a wonderful sense of fun. She is truly inspirational to work with.


Ivy, Queensland Yesterday I had my 3rd session with Nadine Love OMG Nadine has been gently taking me on a journey of self discovery. We discovered that in quite a few very important points in my life, I had witnessed my mum accepting abuse and infidelity from my dad. In unpacking all of this I can now see with great clarity where I have modelled my mumI just didn’t realise that I was modelling her low self worth. The biggest awareness is that OMG I have been modelling this to my daughter and sons. I have been imparting this to my children for many years (who are now 18 and over). I have no doubt that I have shown them that I value and love them. Now I can show them how to value themselves. This will have a huge impact on my children, my grandchildren and generations to come. I feel like I have been living in a trance for all of my life and now I have been woken up. My new belief: "I AM WORTH IT" Thank you Nadine for helping me unwrap this priceless gift. Ivy Stewart and generations to come Queensland - 6th March 2009


Mandy Powis, Melbourne Nadine - you are the most amazing coach - I came into the session with the weight of the world on my sholders and left carried by butterflies. Thank You!
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